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EURO-PLAST is one of the leading polish producers of plastic devices.

We produce:

  • household sewage treatment plants with soakaway drainage
  • household sewage treatment plants with soakaway packets
  • household sewage treatment plants with soakaway tunnels
  • EUROMATIC hybrid systems
  • TRYLOGIC systems for hotels, schools, boarding houses
  • TRY tanks for sewage and rainwater 
  • drinking water tanks
  • ecological tanks for agriculture
  • fat separators
  • reservoirs 
  • ECOLOGIC bio-substances

EURO-PLAST in one of the few companies in Poland that produce polyethylene tanks of 2 to 30 cubic meters as a monolith and four series of septic tanks, which can be installed in different soil and water conditions.

All devices produced by EURO-PLAST conform with current regulations and have all the required approvals and certificates. It is worth noting, that EURO-PLAST septic tanks are among the first Polish devices with the CE mark. It means that they are produced according to the requirements included in the European EN 12566-1/A1 norm and have successfully passed tests in a officially recognized laboratory.

EURO-PLAST was founded in 2002 in Ciechocinek – the pearl of Polish health resorts. Its dynamic growth is an effect of thoughtful decisions, the commitment of its workers and continuous investment that suits the needs of the market and the clients’ expectaions. Among many of EURO-PLAST’s advantages are fast and efficient operation process and flexibility when it comes to satisfying its customers’ needs.

Thanks to the perfectly developed network of authorized representatives we provide every investor with professional consulting service, design and installation all over the country.


EURO-PLAST ensures a high quality of products and services, certainty and punctuality of its deliveries. 

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